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Indonesia Motorcycle Market

Projected annual sales of 10 million units in 2030.
Currently, an estimated more than 100,000 motorcycle workshops throughout Indonesia Motorcycle will always be the first choice for majority of people because it is efficient, cheap and here you can drive them any time, anywhere, & in any season.

About Motoriz

PT. Semesta Motor Indonesia is a complete digital platform provider for motorcycle ecosystem, and also acts as the operator of fast-growing network of nationwide inde-pendent motorcycle workshops under the brand "MOTORIZ".

By focusing on network development and empowering UMKM (micro, small and medium enterprises), MOTORIZ is sready to help UMKMs to take advantage of medern motorcycle service workshop business opportunities levergaing on the latest technology.


To build and manage a technology-based motorcycle industry ecosystem tht greatly impacts the environment, empower stakeholders and uplift local mainstram economy.


  • To develop extensive network of motorcycle service outlets throghout Indonesia.
  • To establish efficient supply chain for motorcycle industry.
  • To further enable various stakeholders in the ecosystem.









Unique Selling Proposition

Official Workshop
General Workshop
Motoriz Workshop
1. Trained Mechanics
2. Comprehensive Array of Equipments
3. Original & Complete Spare Parts
4. All-around Modern Facilities
5. Competitive Price
6. Service All Brands
7. Sells All Spare Part Brands & Accessories
8. Full & Professional Support at Outlets
Revenue Stream

Motorcycle Workshop

  • Provides comprehensive service for all motorcycle brands catering to both motors with a displacement below 200cc and also electric motorcycles.
  • Cooperates with various brands to provide warranty or after sales service.
Revenue Stream

Cooperates with various brands to provide warranty or after sales service.

  • Sell equipments, supplies, accessories, spare parts from various brnads
  • Sell original spare parts from various established brands
  • Display and point of sales of various goods for SMEs used by motoriz
  • eCommerce with BOPO system (Buy Online, Install at Outlet)
Revenue Stream

Food And Beverages

MOCA stands for MOTORIZ Café that is part of MOTORIZ network. This cafe will serce as a comfortable place for our customers to hang out or evend do their works while waiting for their motorcycles being services.
On the menu there are various coffees (hot and cold), mocktail or even snacks that is sold through offline and online applications Increasing potential revenue.

Revenue Stream

Internet Access Provider

Wifi coins will provide our customers with access to high speed Internet cheaply and easily while at our outlets to support their work and play activities such as browsing internet or even E-Sport Games.

Revenue Stream

Electric Motorcycle Sales

Motoriz will also become an important electric motorcycle sales channel, starting form just selling to becoming one of the official workshops for various brands of electric motorcycle in Indonesia.

Revenue Stream

Electric Motorcycle Rental

Motoriz outlet is also an electric motorcycle rental place that can offer electric motorcycles for rent at IDR 40K/ day which can be accessed via google play application.

Revenue Stream

Electric Motorcycle Battery Charging & Swap

This will make it easy and convenient for our customers with electric motorcycles to charge or swab their electric motorcycle batteries.

Revenue Stream

Electric Motorcycle Conversion Workshop

At Motoriz outlets, our customers can also convert their combustion engine motorcycles into electric motorcycles using the technology provided by our partner from Blue Wings Motor Korea.

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